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You can also view, print and email Technical and Safety Data Sheets for any of the products you’ve specified.
What is a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)? •  What is a Technical Data Sheet (TDS)? •  Find a Specification

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a document prepared by the manufacturer that provides information on coatings physical and chemical properties, and how it affects health and safety in the workplace. It is also sometimes called a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

It typically includes information on:

  • The identity of chemicals,
  • Health and physicochemical hazards,
  • Safe handling and storage procedures,
  • Emergency procedures, and
  • Disposal considerations.

A Technical Data Sheet is a document prepared by the manufacturer that describes the technical characteristics, features and benefits of a product (coating). It also provides preparation and usage instructions for the coating in a number of situations. It is generally used to help choose the best coating for your application, and determine how to use it correctly.

By contrast, a Technical Specification defines the correct combination of coatings to use over a specific substrate (and its condition) in order to achieve a desired finish. It provides overall instructions for their application; but references individual Technical Data Sheets for greater product information and usage instructions.