Specifiers and ARCHITECTS


Thousands of paint products go into a building project, each one playing an essential role. Whether the project requires aesthetics, protection against environmental elements or sustainability benefits, there is a Wattyl paint technology that will do just that and more.


Wattyl operates across a wide range of industries providing tailor-made paint and coatings solutions for each market's specific needs. We understand that each market is unique and we work closely with our clients, approaching our work with a focus on quality and reliability. Wattyl proudly provides complete solutions for the Commercial, Multi-Residential, Health and Education, including commercial repaint sector.


VOCs are found in many building materials and are partially responsible for that new paint smell, but these chemicals can let off gasses that may be harmful to people and the environment. External bodies such as the “Green Building Council of Australia” (GBCA) established “Green Star” Industry Standards in order to control the level of VOC solvents that can be incorporated into various paints during manufacture. At Wattyl, our products are designed to not only adhere to Green Star building standards, but in many cases exceeding the minimum requirements.

Where is Paint Specified?

Everywhere you look there is paint. Our innovative products might be on your office walls, the floor you walk on, your local carpark, the fixtures in your local supermarket, or on the colourful urban architecture around you. But choosing a paint that doesn't perform well for a specific application can lead to costly mistakes, angry clients and a damaged reputation. That's why it's important for specifiers and designers to understand the different features, benefits and limitations of different paints and coatings and to be actively involved in the specifying process.


Welcome to Wattyl BIM! Wattyl BIM solutions offers user-friendly colour and texture materials library. The library is comprised of render-ready, correctly scaled Revit and Archicad Materials that schedule efficiently. These Materials are then applied to Generic Model Swatches to assist in usage and display.


The Wattyl Specifier is our CPD initiative that is recognised by the Australian Institute of Architects Refuel program. Wattyl offers one-hour modules each accredited with one Formal CPD Point that is relevant to Design Documentation. Understanding Low VOC Paint (1.0 formal point) is our first module. Click below for registration information.


Now anyone can colour match! The Wattyl colour matching device is a sophisticated and fuss-free mobile colour scanning system. This easy-to-use device works with any Apple or Android smartphone. Now anyone can scan a colour on any material or surface and match it to the closest Wattyl paint colour library. For more information, please contact us at wattyl.specifier@sherwin.com

Wattyl Colour Trends 2020

Craft, technology and wellness intersect. Sensorial tactility will be at the core of living spaces, with an emphasis on calm and inclusive designs. Simplicity will be celebrated in both aesthetics and constructions, in line with a growing urge for products that feel more honest and thoughtful. Minimalism will continue to flourish through the use of colour and tactility and design instils emotion.


Wattyl’s COLOUR DESIGNER® colour palette offers an integrated range of market relevant colours to complement any project whether residential or commercial, new or repaint.

Register your company on colourdesigner.net.au to access FREE samples and view the full COLOUR DESIGNER® palette.

Over 100 Years of Protection

With a proud heritage of innovation, Wattyl continues to deliver high performance coatings to protect and enhance every type of project. Specifically designed for the trade, Wattyl’s professional paint solutions deliver superior application, finish and value for money.

Case Studies

Wattyl is proud to have partnered with large projects across the country including Blacktown Hospital, Sofitel Hotels and the Barangaroo Waterfront Apartments, to name a few. Read more in some of our case studies below.


Wattyl Spectrum is a dynamic design-led event aimed to inspire and enlighten Australia’s leading architects and designers. A platform created to introduce Wattyl’s annual colour forecast and current inspirations in architecture and design.

Services & Support

We know that specifiers need support and understanding of the performance and features of paint when specifying on projects. At Wattyl, we provide a tailored service and access to technical support for all your project specification requirements.