Wattyl ID Advanced™

Introducing Wattyl I.D Advanced™

Our new Wattyl I.D Advanced™ range, with Total Protection Technology™, delivers a new level of protection. This interior paint resists the growth of mould and fungus and offers advanced cleanability, washability and stain resistance. With an ultra-low VOC formula at less than 1g/L, Wattyl I.D Advanced™ far exceeds green-building requirements.

Interior Walls - Matt Walls

Total Protection Technology™ includes resistance to bacteria.

Interior Walls - Satin Walls

A low VOC and low odour formula that is touch dry in 30 minutes.

Interior Walls - Low Sheen Walls

Easy to clean, stain resistant and up to 16m2 per litre.

Ceiling - Flat

Excellent coverage, a smooth flat finish and low roller splatter for cleaner application.

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Wattyl has developed an extensive range of superior oil-based and water-based prepcoats and enamels that together with Wattyl I.D Advanced™ will deliver optimum protection and enhance any project.