Wattyl I.D Advanced™ is a breath of fresh air - a blessing in colourful disguise – for tradies and consumers. With its ultra-low VOC formula and its Total Protection Technology™ it is Wattyl’s most advanced paint to date.

A combination of technical innovation and more than a century of experience has created a high performance finish that is both easy to apply and extremely durable. It is touch dry in just 30 minutes and ready for recoat in two hours.

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Breathe in Deep – Lowest VOC on the market.

Wattyl I.D Advanced™, with its ultra-low VOC formula (less than 1g per litre) far exceeds any green-building requirements. Most other ultra-premium brands contain VOC levels up to 16 times that of I.D Advanced. It is the only paint to carry both GECA (Good Environment Choice Australia) and APAS (Australian Paint Approval Scheme) accreditation.

Feel Free to Move – Ultimate Burnish Resistance

Wattyl I.D Advanced™ offers a superior level of durability – it provides the most resistance to rubbing and touching and is less likely to turn shiny after intense cleaning.

Don’t Sweat the Toxins – Mould protection

Wattyl I.D Advanced™ features Total Protection Technology™ to deliver a new level of resistance to the growth of mould and fungus while offering advanced cleanability, washability and stain resistance. An essential attribute for wetter areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Keep the Bad Away – Bacteria resistant technology

Wattyl I.D Advanced™ is a key ingredient for a healthy home. Its Total Protection Technology™ means painted surfaces are resistant to the spread of bacteria – a worthy consideration, especially for homes with young children.

Green Smoothie Proof – Advanced stain resistance

Wattyl I.D Advanced™ is a high performance coating for the protection and enhancement of homes and public buildings – it delivers optimum protection with advanced levels of cleanability, washability and stain resistance