Colourful Easter celebrations around the world


Easter is one of our favourite breaks – four days of autumnal sunshine (hopefully) and a treasure trove of delicious chocolate in a multitude of shapes and sizes.

But how do other countries celebrate this very traditional time in the calendar?
We thought we would take you on a quick trip around the world (in these
times of no travel) for a glimpse of other pre-Covid celebrations before giving
you a few additional ideas for your Easter break.

First stop Bessières, France (about 30kms from Toulouse), where the village makes a giant omelette using 15,000 eggs. It is sliced into
thousands of portions and served with bread to the villagers.

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In nearby Florence, Italy white oxen carry an ancient wagon through the streets to the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. After Easter mass
the archbishop sends a mechanical dove into the wagon which explodes in
a spectacular fireworks display. And in the Umbrian village of Panicale? The residents roll 4kg wheels of cheese through an obstacle course on Easter Monday.

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Travelling down to Greece the Eastern Orthodox communities celebrate the end of 40 days of fasting on Easter Sunday with a delicious and very symbolic feast. The roast lamb represents Christ, the sweet, fluffy braided Tsoureki bread symbolises the Holy Trinity and red hard-boiled eggs signify Christ’s blood.

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For a complete change of pace let’s head to Antigua, Guatemala where some of the world’s largest Easter celebrations are held. Massive religious floats are paraded through streets, each requiring 50 to 100 citizens to carry them! The streets are decorated with the most beautiful, intricate patterns and designs (called Alfombras – Arabic for carpet) made from dyed sawdust and sand created by local artisans. By Good Friday the Alfombras are all but gone, victim to the crowded streets of the procession.

From here we hop across to the Bahamas where a Good Friday kite flying festival is held on the pastel pink sands of Horseshoe Bay beach. The significance of the kites are the wooden sticks that are placed in a cross or star shape to provide structural stability to the kite – while their annual flight symbolizes the resurrection.

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And finally to Poland where their version of Easter eggs – Pisanki – are far more elaborate and intricate than most others. Each egg is hand-painted with delicate, ornamental floral patterns. And on Easter Monday the annual water fight takes to the streets, called Wet Monday!

Returning to Australia, recent research suggests that, in addition to chocolate easter eggs and roast lamb lunches, one in four of us will be undertaking some sort of DIY project. This weekend could be the ideal opportunity to revamp a room, change the configuration of a space or simply introduce colour to create a more relaxing, nurturing ambience. See our post-pandemic interior colour suggestions here.

As a rough guideline, it is possible to completely transform a room with a coat of paint in just a couple of days (depending on the size of the room, of course).

Take this time to browse our inspirational gallery or have a sample pot and colour swatches delivered straight to your doorstep. If you’re still feeling unsure, get your free consult from one of our expert colour advisors by clicking here.

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