Selling Houses Australia

Selling Houses Australia S15 Ep 2: Greystanes, Vic


Richard and Corinne have lived in their small fibro home for 55 years – and it has remained untouched since they first moved in!  Everything is original!  And now they want to sell and move to the ACT to be closer to their children and grandchildren. 

In reviving and updating the home, Wendy wanted to use some of the original features to inspire her decorative choices – such as the yellows seen throughout the home, the bedroom pendant lights, the curves and the open plan access to the living room. 

There was also a need to open up the floorplan and create a connection between the disjointed orientation of the different rooms.   

A wall was removed from the kitchen, so as to create a seamless flow from the front to the back door.  Storage was installed in the kitchen along with curved cabinet doors and new dark timber flooring.  A dedicated dining area was incorporated into the kitchen by building a nook with bench seat and half-circle table.  The yellow decorative elements in the kitchen area create a link to the heritage of the house.  

To inject an immediate sense of freshness and light, Wendy chose Wattyl I.D. Advanced Cotton Grey interior paint for all walls – a beautiful, whisper soft white – alongside Wattyl Aqua Trim Water Based Enamel in Purest White for all trims.  Wattyl I.D. Advanced Ceiling Flat White was used throughout. 

The walls of the second bedroom were painted in the restful aqua hue of Wattyl Alpine Nest, while the third bedroom showcases the classic combination of dove grey (Wattyl Gretna) with golden yellow decorative elements. 

The bathroom received a complete re-design and now houses a shower and bath, plus toilet.  Wendy avoided the ‘safe’ option of keeping the small space plain and pale and instead chose to combine a mixture of tile sizes, textures and colours to complement a white basin, green vanity and brushed brass hardware.   

Moving outside, the backyard was literally a jumble of plants and structures accumulated over the years – making the space seem cluttered and lacking in any sense of functionality.   

Dennis opened up the garden by removing the concrete path, old finch cage, shed and clothesline and replanted the reclaimed land.  The old veranda was replaced with a more modern structure that immediately felt more welcoming and contemporary.   

In a nod to Wendy’s interior design, Dennis installed a retro screen at the end of the veranda and painted it in the deep golden colour of Wattyl Solagard Honey Pot – the same colour the front door was painted.  The rest of the house façade was painted in Wattyl Solagard Cape Horn (a silver grey) with garage door and entry arch edges in a mid grey, with green undertones – Wattyl Deep Sleep.  The pergola, finished in Wattyl Solagard Charcoal, is the perfect contrast. 

The finishing touches to the exterior included the replacement of the existing plants in the front yard with some more modern varieties, the tiling of the porch with some pretty tessellated tiles and the installation of a statement Dragon tree in a large round pot (to continue the curved theme). 

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