Selling In The City Season 1

Selling In The City S1 Episode 8: Leichhardt


Leichhardt is a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, just five kilometres west of the Sydney central business district.  Known as Little Italy, Leichhardt has a rich vein of Italian cafes and restaurants serving handmade pasta, pizza, strong espresso and a plethora of delicious dolci.  Its beautiful Italian Forum piazza will make you think you are in Rome! 

Scott and Meghann have lived in Leichhardt for 14 years and now, along with their nine-year old daughter Scarlett, they are looking for a new life experience.  Scott has dabbled in DIY projects around the house in recent years, but with a sale on their minds he has decided to hand the project over to the professionals.  They tell Rosie and Paddy they are looking for a complete makeover as they feel their home, as it is, is tired and outdated. 

Rosie and Paddy are excited by the project and begin their ritual exploration of the area – and in particular, in this instance, the rich Italian history of Leichhardt.  They get to know the locals at the one of the nearby family run Italian restaurants, and then decide to visit the State Library and take inspiration from the architecture of that great building.  And to finish off their tour, they check out a local day spa, which informed them on the rich Italian history of bathhouses. 

First off, Rosie decides to completely flip the kitchen, moving the island bench to the other side of the room, making the space far more user friendly and giving clear access to the door out to the backyard.  The kitchen is the start of a beautiful colour scheme that runs throughout the home, with subtle tonal changes to the same earthy blush hue, depending on the room and its function.  In the kitchen Rosie chose Wattyl Piping Rock, which she extended to the dining room as well.  The living room features Wattyl Arrow Wood on all walls, while the Hallway is finished in Wattyl Boxthorn.  These colours are all beautiful, subtle variations on the same earthy blush hue and introduce a sense of serenity and wellbeing throughout the home. 

The bedrooms were also flipped around, giving the children’s room more natural light as well as moving it away from the street noise outside the window.  The master bedroom features a deeply soothing, earthy grape colour in Wattyl Holmes. 

Rosie has pulled off a master stroke in the bathroom, creating a monument to the therapeutic values of the original roman bathhouse.  Large scale wall to floor ceiling tiles and a large freestanding bath are complemented by accessories, such as towels decorative elements, in an earthy terracotta, which is in the same colour family as the wall colours throughout the house. 

Paddy transformed the existing backyard into a far more functional outdoor entertaining area by repainting the existing fence, retaining wall and pergola in Wattyl Solagard Colorbond®Evening Haze® (a warm putty colour), introducing an L-shaped bench, and moving existing plants to fill the space where the old bench used to sit.  He riffed on the Italian bathhouse theme by converting some of the old garden beds, near a wall, into a simple recycled water feature.  At night, the sound of the water, alongside some ambient lighting is the perfect accompaniment to the beautiful bathroom nearby.   And…as it is Little Italy….Paddy introduced a brand new pizza oven, to take the place of some ugly old artwork that was covered in plants.  There is even an outdoor prepping area adjacent to the oven that matches the benchtops inside. 

The final additions were some outdoor lighting along the back fence, as well as a cantilever umbrella.   These simple changes have created a beautiful year-round entertaining area – a huge selling point for prospective buyers. 

All interior paints used in the Leichhardt update were Wattyl I.D. Advanced Ultra Low VOC on interior walls and Wattyl I.D. Advanced Flat, in Calcium, on all ceilings. 

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