Dip into our designer palette and select colours with confidence

Uncompromising in our pursuit of aesthetic and functional balance, Wattyl has proudly

developed a diverse line of quality paints to suit your unique colour vision. From soft, clean

neutrals that breathe life and brightness into a space, to those darker, richer tones that

contrast beautifully for a smart, sleek look, our catalogue of paint colours offers a variety of

choice when it comes to selecting the perfect colour scheme for your next paint project.

However you want to transform your space, Wattyl is here to help you achieve it.

  • Men in Black
    Men in Black Arrow
  • Black Pearl
    Black Pearl Arrow
  • Black Russian
    Black Russian Arrow
  • Black Hole
    Black Hole Arrow
  • Iron Black
    Iron Black Arrow
  • The New Black
    The New Black Arrow
  • Colorbond Nightsky
    Colorbond Nightsky Arrow