Coatings Brands

With a proud heritage of innovation, Wattyl continues to deliver high performance coatings to protect and enhance every type of project. Specifically designed for the trade, Wattyl’s professional paint solutions deliver superior application, finish and value for money.

Wattyl Solagard®

No. 1 Under the Australian Sun

Wattyl Solagard® is a tough and durable exterior paint which offers protection for your home in any weather or climate. Solagard’s Total Protection Technology™ is designed to keep your home looking better for longer, so you’re the talk of the street.

Wattyl I.D Advanced™

Our new Wattyl I.D Advanced™ range, with Total Protection Technology™, delivers a new level of protection. This interior paint resists the growth of mould and fungus and offers advanced cleanability, washability and stain resistance. With an ultra-low VOC formula at less than 1g/L, Wattyl I.D Advanced™ far exceeds green-building requirements.

Wattyl Preps & Enamels

Wattyl has developed an extensive range of superior oil-based and water-based prep coats and enamels. Together with the Wattyl I.D Advanced™ finishing coats, this range will deliver optimum protection and enhance any project.

Wattyl Ultra™

Wattyl Ultra™ is a premium professional paint system formulated with Ultra Finish Technology for superior application and a professional finish. Each product is formulated to provide specific performance benefits for the trade painter.

Wattyl Trade™

Wattyl Trade™ is a value for money paint range that delivers good coverage and is easy to apply. Craft, technology and wellness intersect. Sensorial tactility will be at the core of living spaces, with an emphasis on calm and inclusive designs. Simplicity will be celebrated in both aesthetics and constructions, in line with a growing urge for products that feel more honest and thoughtful. Minimalism will continue to flourish through the use of colour and tactility and design instils emotion.

Wattyl Granosite®

Wattyl Granosite® has been leading specialist texture coating since 1952. Wattyl Granosite® offers the complete coating system that meets the challenges of evolving substrates and construction techniques.

Wattyl Killrust®

For more than 40 years, Wattyl Killrust has been a leader in high quality preparatory and topcoat paints that protect metal surfaces from the harsh Australian climate. That's why Killrust is the number 1 in metal protection.


Our Solver Maxi and Duraguard range of premium paints has been tried and tested for decades by consumers and professional painters alike.