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About the Revit Content

The Wattyl Revit Materials library has been created to a consistent standard with the objective of finding a balance between the quality of visualisation outputs, accuracy of specification, level of product data, documentation capabilities, image/file size and performance in a project environment.

Primary content creation insights

  1. Families/Materials supplied in Revit 2016 format
  2. Logical Materials and Family naming has been applied (ANZRS-based)
  3. Drafting patterns and bump maps to represent the Granosite range
  4. Out-Of-The-Box material parameters have been used, allowing Wattyl attributes to be scheduled in the Revit project environment
  5. Embedded URLs linking to correct Wattyl webpage to access additional product data, or to order samples

The Range

Decorative Paint Colours

  • There are 1360 decorative paint colour materials, across 18 colour ranges

Granosite Texture Coatings

  • There are 12 GranoGranit materials with specific coloured finishes
  • There are 15 white materials with a bump map applied, representing various Granosite textures and application methods
  • There are 1,282 materials representing a combination of Wattyl Decorative paint colours, applied across the 15 Granosite texture ranges

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