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You can save time and money by calculating the volume of paint required before you purchase it. By doing this you will reduce the risk of running out of paint. The below tables can serve as a guide to calculate how much paint you will need. Interior Walls:
Walls calculation (4m x 4m room) Area (per wall) = L x H: eg 4 m x 2.4 m = 9.6 sq m 4 walls  = 38.4 sq m to coat
Walls: sealer Coverage rate 12 sq m /L 1 coat:  38.4 sq m /12 sq m = 3.2 L paint  (sealer / undercoat)
Walls: topcoat Coverage rate 16 sq m /L 1 coat:  38.4 sq m /16 sq m = 2.4 L paint; 2 coats: = 4.8 L paint.
Ceiling calculations Area = L x B: eg  4 m x 4 m = 16 sq m 1 ceiling = 16 sq m to coat
Ceilings: sealer Coverage rate 12 sq m /L 1 coat:  16 sq m /12 sq m = 1.3 L paint   (sealer / undercoat)
Ceilings: topcoat Coverage rate 14 sq m /L 1 coat:  16 sq m /14 sq m = 1.2 L paint; 2 coats: 2 x 1.2 L = 2.5 L paint.
Total Paint Required Total sealer @ 1 coat on all: 38.4 +16 = 54.4 sqm coated 4.5 L (rounded  5 L)
Total ceiling @ 2 coats on 16 sq m coated 2.5 L (rounded 3 L)
Total walls @ 2 coats on 38.4 sq m = 77 sq m coated 4.8 L (rounded  5 L)
Exterior Masonry Walls:
Brick Walls calculation Area (per wall) = L x H: 8 m x 4 m = 32 sq m 1 walls  = 32 sq m to coat
Brick Walls: topcoat Coverage rate 16 sq m /L 1 coat:  32 sq m /16 sq m = 2 L paint; 3 coats: 3 x 2 L = 6 L paint.
Final Total topcoat @ 3 coat on all: 96 sq m coated 6 L

Don’t worry – placing a Wattyl order is easy.

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Have you already chosen the product and colour you’d like? Go straight to the ‘Shop’ button, top right.

  1. Click on the product you’d like
  2. Select from the drop downs for colour, size and quantity.
  3. Hit ‘Add to bag.’
  4. You can easily add painting accessories such as brushes and rollers to your order, and ‘Add to Bag.’

You can ‘proceed to checkout’ or ‘continue shopping’ from there. Easy!

You will be prompted to fill in your billing details and create an account, or login to your account or if you’re an existing customer.

Follow the prompts to select your payment method and securely place your order.

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Orders placed between Monday and  Thursday will be dispatched during standard business hours, within 24 hours of the order being placed. Orders placed between Friday and Sunday, will be processed and dispatched on the following Monday. You can read our detailed,  delivery policies and terms here.
Standard delivery times are between 3 and 10 days and while we will our very best to get your order delivered in the standard time frame, there may be times where orders might be delayed due to high demand. Dispatch may also be delayed where address information requires verification or correction prior to dispatch.
  • A standard $25 delivery fee applies to all product and accessories orders
A standard $5 delivery fee applies to all colour swatch
We will notify you by email/phone once your order has been dispatched. If you have any queries during the shipping period, please contact the store where you placed your order.

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and Amex, with secure, encrypted transactions through ANZ eGate. You can view our security and privacy policies here.

All prices are in Australian dollars, include GST.

The industry-wide, Paint Levy supports recycling of paint packaging through the national Paintback scheme – and is supported by all paint manufacturers in Australia.

Wattyl accepts exchange or refund on non-tinted, undamaged and unopened product accompanied by original receipt of purchase, within 30 days of online order date. We do not accept refund on any custom order that has been tinted to your specifications. Read our policy here.

Products can be returned to the Wattyl Paint Centre notified by the Wattyl Customer Service Team or returned by post to Wattyl. Products are returned in their original, unopened condition together with proof of purchase. You can contact the Wattyl Customer Service team here.

Our delivery service can bring your order right to your door but unfortunately PO box addresses are not permitted.
If your order is lost or damaged in transit, please email or call 132 101, so that we can assist you. Our customer service team is available Monday – Friday 8:30-5pm

Don’t worry, we’re here to make your colour selection easy! Visit our Colours page where you will find a carefully curated selection of versatile, contemporary colours chosen by our colour expert:  

  1. As you hover over each colour, you can ‘view the colour’ or ‘shop the paint.’
  2. Viewing the colour will show you the colour in situ, and from here you can order a colour swatch, a sample pot, or go straight to ‘Shop the Paint.’

From there, select your pack size and quantity, and ‘Add to Bag.’ Voila! Your inspiring new look is on its way!

Please note: The accuracy of a paint colour can not be guaranteed to display digitally. To avoid disappointment, we suggest always ordering a test pot to confirm your choice.

We’ve included a curated range of our colours, with more to come very soon. If you have a Wattyl colour in mind that does not appear on the site, or if you have a colour from another paint brand you would like us to match our Wattyl Paint Centres can offer a colour match service to you. Simply find your closest store and give them a call requesting this.

Head to the ‘Inspiration’ page for trending colours, collections, ideas and resources to inspire you! Take our Colour Quiz to find your colour style, or if you’d like some one on one with an expert, book a virtual colour consultation with a professional Wattyl Colour Stylist.

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