2022 Wattyl Colour Forecast – THE NEW NORMAL


As we settle into our New Normal, we look towards a hopeful circular future with less impact on the environment and more conscious about what we surround ourselves with.

Thinking green and the desire to connect with nature has become normal. Wellness and well-being through biophilic design has come to the forefront as we now know that light, airy spaces, filled with plants, natural colours and references, do make us feel good.

Colours and textures have taken on a supporting role to nature and our emotions, as the line between outside and inside is now truly blended, expanding our safe haven. We hope for a fresh future, and nothing says fresh, like a new coat of paint.

Beach Life CW 69.6
Beach Life Arrow
Colorbond Mangrove ® null
Colorbond Mangrove ® Arrow
Driftwood CW 8.5
Driftwood Arrow

Return to Simplicity

Serene, relaxed, tactile.

Vitesse CW 68.3
Vitesse Arrow
Driftwood CW 8.5
Driftwood Arrow
Silver Tongue CW 26.4
Silver Tongue Arrow

Serene pale blue hues are perfectly balanced with whites, off-whites and soft beige tones to create a sense of simplicity and peace. When paired with subtle, tactile surfaces and textures the ambience is one of calm and relaxation, where we are invited to slow down, pare back and live in the moment.

Local Comfort

Comforting, refined, artisan.

Dhimba CW 4.7
Dhimba Arrow
Iron Black CW 25.7
Iron Black Arrow
Northwest CW 62.7
Northwest Arrow

Warm neutrals in ivory, greiges and browns create the perfect cocooning colour palette. And when teamed with lush foliage, handcrafted local objects, art and sculpted feature walls, they envelop us in comfort and beauty.
The deeper, richer brown hues can be matched to meaningful objects and artwork to achieve a perfectly balanced, soothing space – comfortable, yet refined

Resilient Optimism

Solidarity, optimistic, balanced.

Beach Life CW 69.6
Beach Life Arrow
Excalibur CW 29.7
Excalibur Arrow
Lavish Tan CW 56.7
Lavish Tan Arrow

Bolder contrast colours reflect strength and optimism, prompting a desire to reconnect, share and celebrate resilience.
New life and energy can be introduced to a space by choosing uplifting yellow-based colours contrasted with reassuring blue and grey tones. Together they touch upon nostalgic references while setting the scene for today’s share culture and diversity.

Conscious connection

Nourishing, fresh, oasis.

Billy The Kid CW 76.2
Billy The Kid Arrow
Shelter Cove CW 33.5
Shelter Cove Arrow

Green-infused colours, inspired by nature, embrace our innate need to connect with the natural environment.
Textured walls, timber and stone, plus lots of foliage and nourishing daylight, all combine to satisfy our yearning to bathe in nature.
This desire for wellness and connection is the strongest trend influence for 2022. The layering of several greens and grey-greens creates a palette that not only feels good but also blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living.

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