Colours for Kids Bedrooms – What you need to know!


Choosing colours for a kid’s bedroom is great fun, however, can also come with its own set of challenges. Finding the right colour scheme is a tricky task, as you will be looking for something that reflects the child’s current age, yet also has the flexibility and adaptability to grow as they do. You may also want to consider selecting colours that will complement the overall look and feel of the home, this will help to create a sense of interior flow throughout. Kids love colour and it has a significant impact on their mood. Here are some of our top tips to select the perfect colour for your child’s bedroom.

  • Get you child involved in the process. Talk to them about what colours they like, as well as what colours and elements they already like in your home.
  • Most homes have a neutral colour scheme and selecting a white or light neutral that works with the rest of your colour palette means you can have fun with the bedding and accessories, which is easier to change out in the future. Bright pops of colour for the furniture also pairs well with neutral walls and doesn’t dominate the space like a bright colour on all four walls. A few of our favourite whites and neutrals include Floral White, Cave, Kitty Grey, Lushious White, Alabaster and Silk Noil.
  • Blues are very popular and perfect for bedrooms. Light blues and aquas are very calming and peaceful, such as Atmospheric, Eleanor Rigby and Breezy Day. Dark blues aid focus and concentration. Look to warmer dark blues such as, Denim and Blue Thunder. This will ensure the space doesn’t feel too cold.
  • If you ask younger children what their favourite colour is, it is usually yellow! Yellow is associated with the sun and radiates warmth, inspiration, stimulation, energy and happiness. When considering a yellow paint colour, look at softer yellows or use it in smaller quantities balanced with a restful blue or crisp white.
  • Work with similar tones in your home’s colour scheme. For example, if you have a few different shades of green in your home, look at a green in a different shade that will complement the rest of your colour palette.

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Image: Kid’s bedroom featured in the Forrester Display Home by Homebuyer’s Centre WA.

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