Exterior Paint Sheen Levels – what you need to know!


You have selected your exterior paint colours, but what Wattyl Solagard sheen level should you choose?

Sheen refers to how much light is reflected from a surface. Selecting the right sheen level depends on the surface you are painting and the desired effect.

Matt has the lowest light reflection and helps to hide imperfections. Wattyl Solagard Matt dries to a contemporary matt finish.

Low Sheen is a great option for cladding or render walls in a low-reflective finish that has a slight sheen which hides imperfections and has great cleanability. Wattyl Solagard Low Sheen’s gloss level provides the best balance between appearance, dirt resistance and flexibility for greater protection.

Satin (Semi Gloss) adds extra durability and washability making it a good choice for wood trim. If you live in a coastal environment, consider a satin finish on walls. Wattyl Solagard Satin has a sheen level matched to Colorbond® for a uniform appearance on gutters and fencing.

Gloss can bring out the richness in a colour but can also make imperfections more visible – good surface preparation is key for a sleek, clean finish.

Colours: Grey Ember & Calcium

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