Neale Whitaker

Neale Whitaker Spring/Summer ’23 Colour Palette


Neale Whitaker, style aficionado and The Block judge, has shared his colour inspirations with Wattyl, to create a unique Spring/Summer interior paint collection.  Taking his cues from the Australian landscape, the collection of four palettes includes warm, organic neutrals, together with raw earth hues and coastal blues.

 “Living on the NSW south coast, the ever-changing kaleidoscope of colour that surrounds my home is a constant source of inspiration,” he said.  “From the shimmering blue greens of the escarpments, to the silver greys of the gums, and the blues of the ocean, they all feed my passion for colour.  And with the changing seasons, these colours evolve – some becoming deeper and richer, others more sun-bleached and weathered.”

Working with Wattyl, Neale has created a palette of 16 colours that, for him, encapsulates his colour inspiration for Spring/Summer ’23.   “It’s a palette that moves gently and seamlessly from country to coastal,” he said.


Spring/Summer '23 Colour Palette

This beautifully curated collection is a nod to Neale's love for 'new neutrals'. A well-rounded palette, featuring a selection of warm whites and citrus tones, as well as coastal blues and greens. A contemporary seasonal palette that works well for interior and exterior spaces, celebrating the warmth and beauty of an Australian Spring/Summer.


The warm, organic whites and softer neutrals of this palette are very calming on the eye and create the perfect backdrop to statement pieces such as a couch, hand-knotted rug or ceramic artworks.

“The Minimaluxe palette has more depth than traditional whites and gives a luxurious take on neutrals.”  NW

Warm Earthy Hues

Rich ochre, dirty peach and the deep hues of verdant green and iron ore are the colours of our landscape, they introduce depth and meaning to any interior space.

“These warm, earthy hues add warmth and richness to an interior palette, working beautifully together, or as accent colours.” NW

Summer Citrus

Fresh hues that introduce light and joy to any room.  The oranges, in particular, impart a welcoming glow to a space, making them at once more inviting and easy on the eye.

“The fresh, energising hues that recall summer days.  Orange, in particular, has a deep significance for me.  I find it invigorating and also deeply spiritual.”  NW

Coastal - Summer Days

This palette echoes the beachside hues of water and sand – at once calming and soothing, fresh and serene.

Blue, recognised as the colour of tranquillity, is complemented by the neutral hue of warm sand. 

“Four coastal hues that work well in combination, or used individually – they bring a sense of blue skies and ocean breezes to an interior.  Introduce Designer White for a touch of cloud!”   NW

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