Selling Houses Australia

Selling Houses Australia S15 Ep 10 – Roselands, NSW


Mary and Tom were finally able to buy their dream two-storey home just eight years ago.  Sadly, Mary has since received a medical diagnosis that necessitates her moving to a smaller, single level home where she will be able to move around more easily.  The couple is also hoping to become mortgage-free, as they move into their retirement years. 

The house has already been on the market for more than a year and was passed in at auction with no bids.  While Mary and Tom cannot understand why their well-built house has attracted no interest, the agent believes the property requires some updating – as well as some beautification of the completely concreted backyard! 

The house does have some good features, but these are being masked by some seriously dated styling and unattractive tiled floors.  The home’s colour scheme was busy and uninspiring, while the kitchen lacked warmth and personality.  The layout of the home was also confusing and jumbled, with some of the rooms devoid of purpose and functionality.  There was also a need for an uninterrupted flow from the entrance to the back door. 

The kitchen and bathrooms were all dated.  However, the bathrooms were still clean, in good repair and functional – and the budget didn’t stretch to doing any major overhaul of any of them.  So Wendy focused on the kitchen – it’s the heart of the home after all and was in need of some TLC.  Cues were taken from the existing interior architecture that had a sense of European style.  The existing kitchen cabinetry was sprayed a dark charcoal hue, while the benchtops were resurfaced with white granite.  The bench was extended slightly, to create a breakfast bar and new sink, cabinet handles and tapware were added, all in keeping with the European theme. 

The entire interior colour scheme was rethought and simplified – around a palette of white, grey and black.  All walls in the kitchen, dining, lounge, rumpus room and bedroom were finished in Wattyl I.D. Advanced low sheen in Sprit Grey, a soft dove grey.  Feature walls in each of these rooms were painted in the bold, rich charcoal hue of Wattyl Noir.  The latter was a brave move but totally paid off, adding dimension, warmth and character to the spaces.  In the main bedroom, a timber graphic pattern was attached to the wall and painted in the same Wattyl Noir.  While adding visual interest, it also accentuated the width of the room, making it feel larger and more balanced – with the added bonus of diffusing the harsh rays of the setting sun.  

All ceilings were painted pure white, in Wattyl I.D. Advanced Ceiling Flat, while trims, skirtings and doors were finished in Wattyl Aqua Trim Satin, in White. 

One bedroom broke with the overall theme, creating a beautiful contrast with its walls in the rich, rusty terracotta of Wattyl Terracotta Tone. 

Outside, the house lacked any sort of street appeal and was in serious need of some greenery and some softening textures.  Even the layout of the backyard lacked any functionality – and Dennis needed to work out a way of making the split-level area more appealing to prospective family buyers. 

First step was to get rid of the gaudy purple trim on the front façade – the grey and black colour scheme worked well however.  So the easy fix was for Dennis to extend the black trims, using Wattyl Solagard Low Sheen in Noir – completely covering any trace of purple. 

A tidy up around the front landing and some new clear glass in the door created an instant makeover.  Added to this, the replacement of the accumulation of tired, disparate plants, along with some modest landscaping, transformed the façade into one that now demands attention. 

A lot of effort was required to rectify the upper level of the backyard – more than 800 pavers had to be lifted and moved – while another 200 on the lower level were given a thorough clean (these were going to form the basis for a great entertaining area!). 

The dimensions of the yard were ideal for a nice, formal garden – in keeping with the European styling indoors.  The ground was levelled and a fresh layer of topsoil added.  A row of Lily Pilly trees were planted along the entire length of the back fence to not only provide privacy from neighbours but also to soften the many harsh surfaces and hard lines within the area.  All fences were painted in Wattyl Solagard Low Sheen in Noir – this colour will make the fences disappear behind the foliage of the trees once they have matured. 

An entertaining area was created on the lower level – it was styled with some comfortable outdoor seating and a separate dining space.  An outdoor BBQ and mood lighting completed the scene.   

The two backyard areas – upper and lower – now complement each other, one providing an inviting space for entertaining, while the other creates a great space for children to play. 


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