Selling Houses Australia

Selling Houses Australia S15 Ep 1: Clermont, Qld


A three-bedroom home, bought at the height of the mining boom in 2009, has proven hard to sell.   After a decade on the market, and having experienced several price decreases, the property has been placed in the hands of hosts Wendy and Dennis, for them to work their creative magic and achieve a sale that will enable owners, Brandan and Paige, to start a new life with their two young children. 

Wendy Moore, Interior Design expert, and Dennis Scott, landscape designer and gardener, have a huge task ahead in transforming this small, dark, muddled house into a home that prospective buyers could actually see themselves living in. 

Wendy and Dennis both decided that paint would be their number one saviour, given they needed to give this house a whole new identity, one with a sense of space, light and cohesion – and all on an extraordinarily tight budget! 

Wendy began with replacing the multiple types of flooring with a light-coloured timber throughout and painted all walls in the warm, greyed off white of Wattyl Magnesium in I.D. Advanced Ultra Low VOC interior paint (all ceilings were finished in Wattyl I.D. Advanced Ceiling Flat White).  The combination of these two light-reflective finishes created a sense of flow, as well as increasing the amount of natural light and perception of space. 

The second bedroom channelled the blue of the kitchen cabinetry with its walls finished in the beautiful tranquil blue of Wattyl Teal Grey. 

Most of the original kitchen was kept, although it was in desperate need of an update.  Wendy revitalised the splashback with white tiles, in a stacked pattern – the blue vein in the tiles mirrors the existing blue cabinetry.  And taking inspiration from the flooring, a new light timber bench was installed and new cabinetry handles added. 

Wendy took inspiration for the overall styling of the home from a few mid-century features that were in the original house.  The furniture selections once again reflected the light timbers used for the flooring and kitchen benches – reinforcing the sense of unity and cohesion so desperately needed. 

Dennis had a mammoth task in transforming a sad, neglected exterior with virtually no street appeal on a very tight budget.  Again, he chose paint as his principal tool!  He gave the entire exterior a good scrub and a new coat of paint – Wattyl Solagard in Enigma – to completely refresh the façade. 

Funds didn’t allow for the replacement of the original metal mesh wiring fence surrounding the porch, so he continued the same mesh fencing around the balustrades on the stairs leading up to the entertaining deck.  The old, boxy air-conditioning unit was removed and a new window installed – to introduce extra natural light. 

Dennis also gave the hedges in the front of the property a trim, which proved very effective in yet again improving the amount of light inside the house.  The picket fence was tired and outdated, so to bring about a cost-effective transformation, the triangular ornamental top of each picket was cut off and given a smooth edge before the entire fence was painted in the dark blue hue of Wattyl Solagard Enigma. 

Plants were the other saviour – Dennis added a number of perennial shrubs, plus a fresh bed of turf in the front garden which immediately took the street appeal from 0 to 7! 

The back deck had the makings of a great entertaining area but had been under-utilised and neglected.  Dennis created an inviting additional outdoor living space by simply painting the area with a coat of Wattyl Solagard Enigma, adding some ceiling fans and introducing a set of beautiful outdoor furniture. 

In rural towns a shed is not just an asset, it’s an essential part of the home!  This home’s shed was really only half a shed and the funds didn’t stretch to completing it.  So Dennis did the next best thing and laid a concrete slab, to make the current shed more usable and facilitate the next owner’s extension! 

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