Picasso Apartments



  • Developer:Cube Developments
  • Mural Artist:Timothy Birch
  • Designer:Sarah Busch

Picasso Apartments,
Mooloolaba Queensland

Picasso is a contemporary apartment development, in Mooloolaba, with an accent on outstanding design and luxury living.  Its 12 three-bedroom sky-home apartments, across seven levels, include a full-floor penthouse, sub penthouse and just two spacious apartments per floor. 

Located 200 metres from the beach, the site has views of both The Glass House Mountains and the ocean of Mooloolaba – and it was the colours and textures of this natural beauty that inspired artist Timothy Birch, who was commissioned to create an artwork on the western exterior of the building.

In keeping with the name of the development – Picasso – Timothy’s line work channels that of Pablo Picasso andthe bright colours, used in small blocks, ensure the piece is clearly visible to the thousands of people who walk and drive by daily.

Timothy named the piece ‘Holding On’, in reference to the huge changes the Sunshine Coast is experiencing in terms of development.  As a local, Timothy wanted to highlight the local community’s sense of ‘holding on’, of wanting to preserve and conserve, at all costs, the beauty of the surrounding mountains, ocean and bush.

He selected more than 50 Wattyl colours to create his unique artwork – it has already become a much-loved landmark within the local community.

Wattyl is a proud supporter of community projects, such as Picasso, that foster a sense of welcome and belonging, as well as an appreciation of nature and its inherent beauty.


Wattyl Colours used in 'Holding on'

Wattyl White
Wattyl ColorbondâNightskyâ
Wattyl The New Black
Wattyl Black Hole
Wattyl Half Time
Wattyl Pumpkin Puree
Wattyl Fernando
Wattyl Mexican Bean
WattylSpice Market
Wattyl Mesa Red
Wattyl Vintage Velvet
Wattyl Arrow Wood
Wattyl The Rockies
Wattyl Baby Blanket   
Wattyl Miss Penelope
Wattyl Birthday Party
Wattyl Carnivale
Wattyl Badabing
Wattyl Pennyroyal
Wattyl Lavendar Bag
Wattyl Poised in Purple
Wattyl Butterfly Purple
Wattyl Agapantha
Wattyl Assertive
Wattyl Mansilla Blue
Wattyl Cornflower
Wattyl Purple Pansy
Wattyl Blue Iris
Wattyl Moraine Lake
Wattyl Wink Wink
Wattyl Sloop
Wattyl Boy Blue
Wattyl Wedgewood
Wattyl Cool Springs
Wattyl Parisienne
Wattyl Arctic Dusk
Wattyl Cobalt Pea
Wattyl Normandy
Wattyl Mysterious Deep
WattylGrande Cruz
WattylBlue Thunder
Wattyl Deep Forest
Wattyl Adriatico
Wattyl Blue Shadow
Wattyl Kevin
Wattyl Heritage Green
Wattyl Mid Green
Wattyl Truly Emerald
Wattyl Colorbondâ
Cottage Green


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