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Backed by warranties, our wide range of best-in-class commercial products deliver superior, consistent finishes every time – even during high speed, high volume projects. Source them at Wattyl Paint Centres nationwide.

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No. 1 Under the Australian Sun

Wattyl Solagard

Wattyl Solagard® is a tough and durable exterior paint which offers protection for your home in any weather or climate…

Wattyl Granosite®

Wattyl Granosite® has been leading specialist texture coating since 1952. Wattyl Granosite® offers the complete coating system…

Wattyl Weathergard

Solagard Low Sheen is a tough and durable exterior paint which offers protection for your home in any weather or climate…

Solver Duraguard

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At Wattyl, we pride ourselves on being more than just a paint supplier. We provide exceptional technical, specification and large-project support to make your work easier – and our customer service is first class.


Select the correct paint or coating product to use over a specific substrate (and its condition) to achieve the desired finish. Plus, get instructions for application.

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Access BIM information to replicate Wattyl products on screen. Our Revit materials library includes over 1,360 decorative paint colours plus Granosite texture coatings.

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Maintain, improve and broaden your knowledge, expertise and competence with our range of resources – or register your interest for the next Wattyl CPD activity.

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View and download detailed specification and data sheets about the products you’re working with. It’s the easiest way to clarify compliance and usage.

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