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Wattyl and designer rugs reveal a symphony in colour


Two of Australia’s most iconic brands – Wattyl and Designer Rugs – have released a beautiful interiors concept whereby eight rug designs have been matched with a carefully crafted palette of paint colours.  The idea is to encourage the consumer in the clever use of colour – and take the guesswork out of achieving a perfect result!

Phantom Grey
Phantom Grey Arrow
Colorbond Wallaby ®
Colorbond Wallaby ® Arrow

Designer Rugs has selected eight rugs, each one designed in Australia and handmade, that have been professionally matched by Wattyl’s colour specialist to a palette of Wattyl interior paint colours.

Designer Rugs has selected eight rugs, each one designed in Australia and handmade, that have been professionally matched by Wattyl’s colour specialist to a palette of Wattyl interior paint colours.

The main aim of the project, says Wattyl and Designer Rugs, is to enable consumers to achieve an interior style that reflects individual taste while creating a starting point for other decorative elements within the home.

This initial Wattyl/Designer Rugs collaboration comprises:

EDEN (pictured above) is a stunning nod to the beauty of nature – a macro look at the detail of a leaf structure realised in deep, soft smoky greys mixed with rich ochre.  Wattyl’s Phantom Grey, Wallaby Grass and Summer Love are the perfect partners, offering a beautifully soft background colour along ith two rich feature colours.

Lushious White
Lushious White Arrow

BAINBRIDGE (above), a playful abstract combination of pattern and negative space whereby freehand dots and lines create additional texture.  Wattyl has matched the rug’s soft pastels and bold primaries with Lushious White, a warm and inviting neutral, and the soft, warm pinks of Highland Rose and Pink Dutchess.

Breezy Day
Breezy Day Arrow
Black Russian
Black Russian Arrow

CURRENT – inspired by pulsing energy waves and electrical current surging through wire mesh.  Wattyl has balanced the rug’s strong pattern with the light, fresh and soothing appeal of Breezy Day together with the deep charcoal of Noir and the teal of Welland.

Baby Seal
Baby Seal Arrow
Midnight Seas
Midnight Seas Arrow
Golden Seal Arrow

MONTGOMERY was inspired by doodling and has been enhanced with a soft and mesmerising combination of soft blue greys, earth tones and a washed golden yellow.  Wattyl skilfully created the perfect paint colour palette of Baby Seal, a soft grey back drop to the rug, along with Midnight Seas and Golden Seal for accessories or paint accents.

Colorbond Classic Cream Arrow

NEWSTEAD (below), an intriguing layering of asymmetrical and irregular hand drawn dots, is reminiscent of coral formations rendered in an exquisite palette of spice colours – turmeric, cardamom and chilli layered with soft rose.  Wattyl’s Summer Fire creates the energy while Café Cream is the perfect backdrop  and Raspberry Cream a subtle slice of femininity.

Colorbond Deep Ocean
Colorbond Deep Ocean Arrow
Breezy Day
Breezy Day Arrow
Silk Noil
Silk Noil Arrow

DOTTY is mark-making made fun – this design reminds one of lazy days playing with felt tip pens, repeating dots and strokes to create a confetti-like shower of colour.  Wattyl’s colour selection plays to the statement in this rug design with its Indian Ocean making an impressive wall colour choice and Breezy Day contributing light and freshness, while Silk Noil’s soft neutral grounds the design.

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