Neale Whitaker

Autumn/Winter ’24 Colour Collection


An enduring love of the ever-changing landscape of his own home has inspired interior design expert and Wattyl brand ambassador, Neale Whitaker, to create a colour collection for Autumn/Winter that brings the essence of nature’s autumnal hues into the living areas of our homes. 

Neale Whitaker Autumn/Winter Colour Collection

Autumn/Winter Seasonal Palette

There is a total of 16 colours in Neale Whitaker’s Autumn/Winter colour collection, each Wattyl colour thoughtfully chosen to inspire and aid the homeowner in introducing a sense of warmth and comfort for the cooler months. One key feature of this new collection is that all of the hues work well together, and can be used to create a variety of moods and ambiences, irrespective of style or architecture. There are, however, some natural partners within the palette.


“warm, earthy hues to enrich the dining experience” – Neale Whitaker

These warm, earthy hues enhance the space and enrich the dining experience. The depth and luxuriance of Brazilian Drums create a sense of conviviality, while the putty tones of Moccacino contribute an earthiness that makes a great backdrop for artwork. Purest White adds a little breathing space between the two hues.

Wattyl Brazilian Drums

Wattyl Moccacino

Wattyl Purest White



“a beautifully warm, neutral palette for a bedroom” – Neale Whitaker


The cocooning effect of these beautifully warm, earthy neutrals is undeniable. Taken straight from the autumnal hues of the forest floor, Wattyl Agaric, Crushed Clove, and Sure Thing lend themselves equally well to both painted walls and indulgent textiles, such as velvets, luxurious wools and sumptuous cashmere. The soft clay of Sure Thing can colour the walls as well as the bedlinen!

Wattyl Agaric

Wattyl Crushed Clove

Wattyl Sure Thing


“these hues create a fresh, contemporary palette for a kitchen” – Neale Whitaker


Inspired by the purples and hazy lilacs of the shells of sea snails and clams, washed up on a winter beach, the combination of Wattyl Florence and Sonic Haze creates a fresh, contemporary palette for any kitchen. The putty tones of Pebblecrete meanwhile, are a natural partner and can be used for walls and floors.

Wattyl Florence

Wattyl Sonic Haze

Wattyl Pebblecrete



“a palette that brings a moody, coastal feel to a bathroom” – Neale Whitaker


Creating instant mood and immersive calm, Wattyl Kelp Strand and Dark Dream are a combination directly inspired by deep blue coastal waters and lush green kelp. Choose chequerboard tiles in the two colours, while painting the walls in one or both of these superb marine hues. The muted neutral of Sure Thing can be mirrored in the vanity- surface or flooring.

Wattyl Kelp Strand

Wattyl Dark Dream

Wattyl Sure Thing



“colours to add depth and warmth to a living space” – Neale Whitaker


The essence of nature’s autumnal hues can be found in the deep, rich combination of Wattyl Vintage Plum and Mulberry. This colour combination introduces a deeply immersive warmth to a space and can be duplicated in rich furnishings such as cushions, rugs and throws. The addition of Parchment, a warm ecru, will introduce further sophistication.

Wattyl Vintage Plum

Wattyl Mulberry

Wattyl Parchment


While colour is a focus for Wattyl, sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact remains a top priority.  Wattyl I.D. Advanced interior paint features an ultra-low VOC formula of less than 1g/L (one of the lowest VOC interior paints on the Australian market) – for better indoor air quality post painting.


Wattyl I.D Advanced paints are available in a range of sheen levels – Matt, Low Sheen and Satin, along with a supporting ceiling product. Wattyl I.D Advanced Total Cover Low Sheen recently joined the range, offering exceptional covering power without sacrificing antimicrobial properties.  To complete the range, Wattyl I.D Advanced Kitchen and Bathroom is a durable interior paint ideal for areas exposed to high humidity and frequent cleaning.

Swatches and sample pots, together with cans of paint, for colours from the Wattyl colour range can be ordered online and instore at Wattyl Paint Centres. Wattyl is proud to be stocked in Crowies, Mitre 10 and Home Hardware and other leading paint specialists. For locations, visit our store finder.

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