Our top 5 tips for selecting an exterior colour scheme for your home


  1. The key is to build your colour scheme around the elements that will not change, such as the roof, stone, bricks, fencing etc.
  2. Natural materials like wood, clay, terracotta and sandstone are best suited to warmer tones and concrete materials in greys and blue are best suited to cooler tones.
  3. Green greys work well with foliage. Greenery also looks stunning against black and charcoal tones such as Grey Ember, Colorbond® Monument and Colorbond® Nightsky.
  4. For seamless indoor/outdoor flow, continue a similar colour scheme throughout, or add in pops of colour in accessories in both the interior and exterior of your home.
  5. If you like a particular colour from one of our Wattyl palette cards available in-store, you can create a beautiful tonal scheme by selecting a lighter tone for the wood trim, mid tone for the walls and darker tone for any contrasting features.
To book in your free personalised colour consolation visit Colours: Colorbond® Nightsky fencing and pergola and Dawn Grey on the feature wall.

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