Selling Houses Australia S14 Episode 5: A Mismatched Penola Property


Hidden amongst the hedges in the charming country town of Penola in South Australia, was a tired,
mismatched home that had been listed on the market for 12-years without a single offer. In theory, a
well-built single level home on a huge block sounds appealing, however at a closer glance it’s not hard
to see why there was a lack of interest from local buyers.

It did not take long for Wendy and Dennis to come in and work their magic; introduce space and light
by uncovering the beauty within and highlighting the potential of the property. Although the budget for
this renovation was small, the team were able to create impact where it counts.

It just goes to show how the right colour scheme and a fresh coat of paint can transform a rundown
house into a comfortable contemporary home for the whole family to enjoy.

Wattyl Paint Products Featured

Interior Paint:



Formal lounge
Walls: Wattyl I.D Advanced Low Sheen – Silk Noil
Trims: Wattyl Aqua Trim Satin – Chalkdust

Before After

Kitchen and Dining

Walls: Wattyl I.D Advanced Low Sheen – Oriental Blue

Trims: Wattyl Aqua Trim SatinChalkdust



Wattyl I.D Advanced Low Sheen – Earth Child,

Wattyl Aqua Trim SatinWattyl White

Bedroom 3: Wattyl I.D Advanced Low SheenEarth Child, Wattyl Aqua Trim Satin – Wattyl White



Exterior Paint:

Door, Gutters, Trims & Fence: Wattyl Solagard Semi-GlossJuggernaut
Roof: Wattyl Solagard SatinJuggernaut



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