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Selling Houses Australia S15 Ep 7 – Ipswich, Qld


This three-bedroom home, set on 3 hectares complete with stables, was the family home of Deb and her husband and daughter.  Six years ago, the couple divorced and Deb now wants to sell the house – but it is in desperate need of TLC to entice some would-be buyers.  

The property had been seriously neglected, it was full of junk, very dark inside and had no connection to the outside environs.  Fortunately, the kitchen and bathroom were recently renovated so a sizable part of the budget could be devoted to the exterior of the house.  On the inside, Wendy’s priorities were to tidy, brighten and style the home and then work with Dennis to create an outdoor/indoor area. 

Once the huge amount of junk had been cleared out of the house it was easier to see exactly what Wendy had to work with.  The kitchen, bathroom and living areas were all quite solid and practical spaces and basically just needed the instant facelift a fresh coat of paint brings.  The aim was to introduce more light to the interiors and create a contemporary country home aesthetic.  The bedrooms also received new carpeting. 

Wendy settled on a colour scheme of greys, warm whites and deep blues with most interior walls painted in Wattyl I.D Advanced Scribbly Gum with the fresh contrast of pure white trims in Wattyl Aqua Trim Water Based Enamel.  Ceilings throughout were finished in Wattyl I.D. Advanced Ceiling Flat White. 

Rich character was added in the form of a deep blue/grey wall – in Wattyl Excalibur – for the living room and the steel grey of Wattyl Potemkin in the master bedroom.  Bedroom three features the calming parchment hue of Wattyl Seagull.   

By removing all of the foliage from around the house, the windows of each room allowed far more light to enter – this was complemented by the installation of two solar tubes, one each in the living area and kitchen, to stream even more sunlight directly into the heart of the home. 

The purchase of this home will be a lifestyle choice for the new buyer, so Wendy took some inspiration from Ralph Lauren and used a lot of blues and whites in her styling, as well as an equestrian theme. 

Outside, there was a lot of work to be done to get this house ready for sale.  A massive amount of junk had to be cleared, the fences were damaged, stables run down and there was no clear entry to the front door and no driveway to the garage.  The place was also in desperate need of an outdoor entertaining area. 

First off, rubbish was removed, excess and dying vegetation cut back and the old, tiled roof was resprayed and the guttering repaired. 

The façade of the house was only half-painted, so Dennis decided to start again and painted the entire exterior in Wattyl Solagard low sheen Beaver, a soft, warm, stone colour that works well with the surrounding vegetation.   

The old driveway, buried by dirt, was replaced with a gravel drive and cement edging.  The old carport, which started life as a patio, was transformed into an inviting outdoor entertaining area comprising comfortable seating and a dining zone.  An outdoor fireplace and pizza oven were added to emphasise the attraction of this outdoor kitchen. 

To improve the connection between the inside of the house and this outdoor area, an existing kitchen window was removed and replaced with a more practical servery-style window and the sliding doors replaced with bi-folds.  Ensuring the area can be used year-round, new exterior vertical blinds were installed to keep the heat out in summer, while retaining the warmth in winter.  They also introduce some privacy from the road. 

The ugly star picket and wire fence, which ran around the property, was replaced by a striking timber post-and-rail fence which instantly increased the country charm of the property when viewed from the road. 

Although the budget was tight, the stables needed a freshen up in order to appeal to rural buyers.  They were given a thorough clean, before being levelled and the timber rejuvenated.  The final touch was a fresh bed of straw in each box! 

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