Selling In The City Season 1

Selling In The City S1 Episode 7: Kingsford


Kingsford is a suburb that often sits in the shade when compared to its neighbouring areas, those of the more affluent and exclusive Sydney eastern suburbs. Kingsford is a predominantly residential suburb with a large proportion of students living in medium and high density housing (to cater for nearby University of New South Wales). 

Mali grew up in Kingsford and has fond memories of her formative years there.  Now, sadly, she has been left with the task of selling her late father’s three-bedroom family home, which has fallen into considerable disrepair.  Rosie and Paddy have been enlisted to transform and revitalise the dwelling, ready for the next family to enjoy. 

Some of the pressure has been taken off Rosie and Paddy due to Mali having renovated the front bedrooms and bathroom herself – but the kitchen, living and exterior areas (which include a rampant jungle) still present a massive task for the creative duo. 

First off, Rosie and Paddy explore the surrounding streets to get a feel for the area and some inspiration for the home’s transformation.  Their stop in Centennial Park highlights the absence of any grassy areas within the Kingsford boundaries.  A pit stop at Coogee Beach reminds them of the relatively close proximity of Mali’s home to the ocean. 

Rosie had a virtual blank canvas to work with when starting on this project, as there were no defining features or standout architectural elements.  In the kitchen/dining area she decided to introduce two nib walls, creating a gateway effect between the two zones, which serve to frame the view of the adjacent space.  The colour scheme in these areas is fresh and quietly defining, with walls in the neutral oatmeal hue of Wattyl Silk Noil (matt) and, in stark contrast, the gateway in the bold Wattyl The New Black (low sheen).  And in an inspired choice, for the dining area she selected a circular glass table with aqua moulded dining chairs – a colour that is picked up again in soft furnishings in the living area. 

The living area has received a new lease on life, and then some!  The large windows, onto the rear garden, have been made into a feature by simply adding a fresh coat of paint – in Wattyl Aqua Trim Satin in The New Black was chosen.  This colour, as with the gateway in the kitchen/dining area, creates a frame to the outside view.  The same warm neutral hue of the kitchen/dining areas, Wattyl Silk Noil (low sheen), has been used on the walls with Wattyl Calcium on the ceiling.  This mirroring of similar colour schemes in all living areas creates a sense of flow and cohesion. 

Rosie’s creative talents are very much on show with the makeover of the child’s bedroom.  This will definitely create maximum appeal to all those potential buyers with young children! 

The fresh, upbeat colour of Wattyl Cedar Green has been used for all walls – with ceiling in Wattyl Calcium.  This has provided the perfect basis for Rose to layer colour and pattern in a charming mix of warm ochres, greens, terracotta and aqua (remember that colour from the dining space??).   

Paddy had to be super resourceful in the backyard – the entire area had to be demolished, except for the existing pergola and outdoor laundry.  A quarter of his budget was used on the demolition alone!  Having discovered the paucity of parks in the area, Paddy was determined to lay a big grass area for future families to play and enjoy the outdoors.  

The pergola was given some much needed TLC and a fresh, uplifting coat of paint in Wattyl Solagard Dewkist (low sheen).  He created a beautiful contrast by painting the existing fence in Wattyl Solagard Low Sheen COLORBOND®Monument®. 

Paddy surrounded the backyard with a selection of Australian natives, inspired by what he saw during their walk in Centennial Park – an added bonus is that they are low maintenance with low water requirements. 

All interior paints are Wattyl I.D. Advanced Ultra Low VOC, while the exterior choice was Wattyl Solagard Low Sheen. 

If you love the idea of bringing colour into your home interior, book in a colour consultation and get started on your next paint project with Wattyl.


Featured Products

Interior & Exterior Paint

Kitchen Archway

Wattyl I.D Advanced Matt- Silk Noil


Wattyl Solagard Low Sheen – The New Black

Bedrooms 1 & 2, Entry, Hallway

Wattyl I.D Advanced Matt – Calcium


Kids Bedroom

Wattyl I.D Advanced Matt- Green Cedar


Exterior Timber Trim

Wattyl Solagard Low Sheen – COLORBOND® steel Nightsky®


House Facade

Wattyl Solagard Low Sheen –  Dewkist


Exterior Walls

Wattyl Ultra Oil Based Fast Dry Undercoat



Wattyl Solagard Low Sheen – COLORBOND® steel Monument®


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