Neale Whitaker

My Autumn/Winter Colour Collection by Neale Whitaker


Wattyl Brand Ambassador and Interior Design Expert, Neale Whitaker shares a little insight behind his new Autumn/Winter Colour Collection with Wattyl.


My partner David and I are blessed to live in a beautiful and peaceful region where country and ocean meet. Six years ago we opted to create a new home and a different life amidst the gentle hills and dramatic escarpments of the NSW south coast. We’ve never looked back, and while life still demands regular visits to the city, there’s nothing quite like coming home to this very special part of the world.


There’s something both intriguing and energizing about the colours of this landscape. It’s an ever-evolving palette that changes with the light, the weather and the seasons, and it’s the inspiration behind my Autumn/Winter 2024 Colour Collection for Wattyl. For this second seasonal palette, I’ve looked beyond the greens and blues to add subtle shades I see from my office window, on a country walk or at the beach with our dogs. The Autumn/Winter 2024 Colour Collection captures the delicate hues of sand and rock, sun-bleached timber, driftwood, shells and pebbles, seaweed, baked earth, stormy skies, shrubs and flowers. Shades that change with the evening sun, a rain shower or the passing of a cloud.

My Autumn/Winter Colour Collection for Wattyl is an edit designed to make choosing paint colours for your home easy. These 16 shades will work individually or in almost any combination you choose, and make things even simpler, I’ve suggested five palettes for different areas of the home. Wattyl Florence, Sonic Haze and Pebblecrete feel fresh and contemporary for a kitchen; Wattyl Kelp Strand, Dark Dream and Sure Thing will bring a moody, coastal feel to a bathroom; Wattyl Brazilian Drums is a rich, soulful colour to blend with Moccacino and Purest White in a dining area. Wattyl Vintage Plum and Mulberry are robust shades to add a playful retro vibe to a living room, especially when contrasted with Wattyl Parchment; and finally, Agaric and Crushed Clove team with Sure Thing to create a restful, warm neutral palette for a bedroom. Of course, these are purely suggestions. Don’t think for a moment that you can’t mix and match these colours throughout your home – you absolutely can. And I’ve also included two warm greys (my favourite ‘Story Sky’ shades) – Wattyl Landslide and Ashbury – to work perfectly together or enhance other colours in the Collection.

Discover Neale's paint colour pairings for different areas within the home..

If you’re looking to bring a seasonal change to your interiors this Autumn/Winter you can sample the paint colours from Neale’s new collection in 500ml colour sample pots , which are available for purchase at your local Wattyl Paint Centre or Wattyl Paint Stockist.

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For more information on the Neale Whitaker colour collection click here

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